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STRIP 091 - Not the Sharpest Tool

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The Words of Sybex - 7/18/2018

HAY GUISE! Wassup? Been long time since I updated anything here. Been far too busy playing Fallout 4 (very, very stable thanks to LOOT and FO4Edit!), far longer than I'd had if I was using just Nexus Mod Manager. Mod Manager 2 really helped out a lot. ANYWAY! I added a page here called "Nintendo Club". It's a story that I've just randomly thought up. It's not meant to offend anyone- It's only to poke a fun at how ultra-sensitive those feminists can be. An abstract concept. Not actually mocking them, whatever sense this sentence may make. Heh. Of course, there is a disclaimer there so if you don't like what you read, just get out of the page. Zero discussions. I already warned you like, twice just now. Thrice if you actually went there and read the disclaimer there. ENJOY THE RIDICULOUS STORY!

I've been getting into FFA DeathMatch in Overwatch. I love it. I'm usually in top 4, which would be considered as a win. Sometimes comes out as a top winner. If only Overwatch hadn't taken out the competitive version of DM... >:( Of course, I hadn't even once touched competitive 6v6 or even competitive 3v3 not even with 10.1 feet pole. That shit is a salt mine. It will serve nothing but frustrate you unless you get your own personal 6-dudes army to wreck them with. I'm yet to amass a 6 deaf dudes (or dudettes) team that we could reliably get together/coordinate together and rekt them. ANYONE HERE WANT TO REKT HEARING PEOPLE IN THE COMPETITIVE OVERATCH??

Nothing much happened on D3's side. I'm just slowly climbing in Greater Rift. I'm close to getting to GRift 70, which upon completing it would unlock the chance to drop primal ancient gears. Aside from this, nothing much. Oh yeah, I should take advantage of this 2x goblin buff and up my chance to get a cosmic wings unlockable.

Oh yeah. As anyone who had been keeping up with this admin blogs and webcomic, you'll recall that my wife is pregnant now. When she goes into labor, I want to wear this shirt, whether she likes or not :D