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STRIP 119 - HARK, Uni-Eye!

9th Jul 2021, 11:23 PM in The Incredibly Handsome King Houston's Epic Awesome and Radical Adventures in the Past SAGA
STRIP 119 - HARK, Uni-Eye!
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The Words of Mrej - 6/22/2021

by Mrej on 22nd Jun 2021, 12:40 PM
What's this? Not only one but FIVE STRIPS IN SINGLE DAY?! What has happened? Is it the second coming?! Is it the Metroid Invasion day?! HAVE THE METROID DREAD BEEN RELEASED ALREADY?!

Hold on fast, my peeps! Don't clutch your pearls yet! It is but merely an extremely fortunate coincidence that I am in mood for comic making today. That only occurrs once in five blue moons. And that day is today! You get treated with not one, but FIVE STRIPS! Blow your horns! Organize a march in my honor! Sprinkle confetti all around! Yeeeeeeah! Dance! Dance! Dance!

Last five strips felt stagnant in plot advancement. I think at the time of writing these strips on my notepad app, I had tried to cut back texts because I noticed that in some strips, they felt a bit too wordy. So I tried to cut back but looks like maybe I cut back too much lol.
In any case, we're finally moving somewhere now! 

Your madman Mrej