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EXTRA 007 - Betting on The Game

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The Words of Sybex - 12/15/2018

Hey, y'all. I got SMASH BROS ULTIMATE! WOOT! If you want to know what's my friend code, you can ask me on the Twitter. I don't want to give out my friend code here. It's kinda like... Exposing my wang here. I don't want anyone to see my private stuff. Lol. Sorry for a such vugular metaphor, but yeah. You get what I mean, right? Eh. It’s SW-5119-5109-0029. I’ve done a quick google and it seems that there are no real danger in presenting a Switch friend code. So... here ya go, I guess.

I unlocked an insane amount of characters and I'm actually kinda digging the adventure mode in SSBU. It's... Fun. You basically upgrade your fighters as you go. I can actually do an extra midair jump, quick charge for smash attacks, enhanced special attacks, and so on. I'm currently maining on Crocomire Huntah... I mean, Simon for now in the adventures game. I haven't unlocked my desired fighter in this game mode yet. His fully charged attack currently dishes out an insane 80% damage! ... Well, to 1-star fighters, anyway. I'm working on getting the perk that lets you do an double Final Smash attack. That basically gives you an extra Final Smash RIGHT AFTER your second Final Smash! Insane, eh?

Anyhoo, I'm currently making an Extra 007 strip! WOOT! Yeah... About the time. :P
UPDATE 6:34 AM 12/15/2018: Done! Enjoy the EXTRA 007 strip! Awww yisss...