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STRIP 087 - Blast From the Past

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The Words of Sybex - 4/11/2018

Whew. It was a good week. My parents came to Florida for house hunting and found the right house... And bought it! Yes... It’s all so quick. But if they’re happy with this house already, then cool. I seriously can’t wait to move out and move in with them... Until I find the job and then move out... Again. Lots of moving around on both of my families, my own and in-laws. To recap, I’ve moved out of California in the Fall of 2017 to Florida to temporarily live with in-laws for two months. Then I moved out to Minnesota for the duration of my wife’s University. Theeeen... Moved back to Florida juuuust before the Christmas. Nowadays, I’m still with my in-laws and still searching for jobs.

Yes... Been searching for job since the Christmas. 4% unemployment rate in Florida, my delicious ass. I’ve got a very good resume with 3 years of customer service experience plus varied experiences. Why am I still unemployed, I’ll never know. I’ve never even been called for the second interviews. Just what the hell.

But I digress... NOW I’M ALL CAUGHT UP! Woot... I’ll begin to work on the Friday comic strip tomorrow and more. As usual, I’ll alternate between comic-making/gaming and job searching all the day. Everyday. EVERYDAY.