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STRIP 091 - Not the Sharpest Tool

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The Words of Sybex - 9/19/2018

First of all, thank you for consistent visits to this web. I really appreciate it! I don't know who you are and never had reached out to me, but thank you nonetheless! I'm sorry I haven't been active lately. My gaming addiction on a game kept changing one after another. No Man's Sky, then Dragonball Xenoverse 2, South Park: Fractured but Whole, now... Monster Hunter World. Story of my life. Heh. I'm not asking for the forgiveness or anything, but... Yeah. Part time job plus gaming plus lovingly clingy wife equals barely time to do some comicing. Pretty soon, the kid will be in that equation and it'll be even more tighter to fit in some comic making. Maybe I can swap out gaming for comics. Or something.

Monster Hunter World... The newest addition to my Grand Game Library. Man. Let me tell ya. It is the BOMB! Only gripe I have about the game is... It's harder to mount monsters than it was in the 3DS game. So frell Insect Glaive. I'm going for Dual Blades for grounded monsters, Heavy Bowgun for aerial monsters and all-purpose. Hammer for... Lulz. C'mere, and join me! I only wish that there are metroids in that game so I can hunt em down like Samus!

I just had an idea for next story arc after the Houston's Great Adventures and I'm reaching out to my buddies for some brainstorming, so hopefully it'll do a domino falling... Effect... Thingy... and pull me back into comic making. Hopefully!

Until then... Cheers! See ya later... SHAZAM!